Glam Rock Fashion

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Glam Rock Fashion

Beitragvon Laura Schneider » 5. März 2018, 22:04



Glam rock fashion doesn’t just revolve around dark and masculine type of clothing like what we are used to seeing. Unlike goth and punk styles, metal and rock has a wider variety of styles to offer, evolving each year. It combines glam metal, punk rock and gothic rock and its fashion influences can still be seen on streets worn by both young and older generations who share the same love for the rock and metal bands of the 80’s to early 90’s.


Let’s unravel this colorful and glittery era to the darker, punk and edgy era of glam rock, understanding and rediscovering it from the music to the fashion. Be prepared to be rocked!

Today we are going to talk about glam rock style which is also known as glitter rock is a style of rock music which takes its beginning in the United Kingdom in the early 1970's, the artists like David Bowie, Sweet, Lady Gaga, Roxy Music and Gary Glitter developed this style and it was influenced by music genres like glam metal, punk, gothic rock and grunge style of the 90's. Studs and crystals accessorize edgy designs of leather jackets.

The Glam Rock fashion is really inspiring, as there are not so many bold and brave women who will wear glitter and sequins. You have to be really creative person to appear in sparkly platform heels, metallic fake lashes and studded leather jackets. Indeed, glamour rock is all about more is more.

If you think you was born to stand out, then this glamour look is made just for you. Let's see what you can dress to look extravagant during the night out, so make a cat eye makeup, neon pink blush, messy hairstyle and try to combine rock and roll outfits with glamour accessories and beauty tips.

Laura Schneider
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Re: Glam Rock Fashion

Beitragvon Sailboatcaptain » 8. März 2018, 11:33

Glam Rock Kids

The style for nasty Kids to seduce Men



I'm Capitain of my own sailboat and love to invite
Girls and Women for turns! You do not have to pay
for it but you have to play with all the other girls and women -
and as well with me.
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