Upload Content from public Internet Pages (using the example of eBay)

Here I will show you easy step by step description to upload your own content to Lunatic Erotic. It is necassary to follow this rules cause otherwise the uploaded content is not visible for a longer period of time.

Do not hesitate to ask if you should have any question.
I'll try to answer as soon as possible

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Upload Content from public Internet Pages (using the example of eBay)

Beitragvon Rysdal » 30. März 2017, 19:09

Most important is the information that the link you would like to upload has to end on a picture format; i.e. *.jpg -- *.gif -- *.png et. al.

How does the process looks like using the example of eBay
(all other public pages work nearly the same way!)

1. You are on eBay and have found a topic you would like to add into our forum.


2. Click on the picture or the link to open the desired entry.


3. Click on the picture you would like to add


4. The picture is now shown in original size, but not yet in the right picture format.

5. Left Click on the picture and choose show grafic (Grafic anzeigen)


6. Now picture is in shown in a picture format.


7. Copy the link of the picture an add the Link to the forum. It looks like next entry:


8. Tag the Link and choose here on this page following link


9. The link is now ready to get published

10. Add a relevant Text and choose a suitable font, font size and color.

Excellent, the first post is ready to get published. click on submit button and it is done!

Dear Lunatic-Erotic Fans, to make it more fun add own content here as well.

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Re: Upload Content from public Internet Pages (using the example of eBay)

Beitragvon shveller » 30. Dezember 2017, 21:08

Thanks for this description.

It was working excellent, but ebay has changed something to undermine copying of pictures.

Although I store copied picture on hard drive picture will be automatically reduced in size.

Does anyone has idea to solve this problem?
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