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Content upload from VK

BeitragVerfasst: 10. April 2017, 13:54
von Rysdal
From my prospective it is best to use VK ([url][/url]) for uploads of pictures

I will describe the way for uploads step by step!

1. You are on VK and have found a picture you would like to upload to Lunatic-Erotic (mo matter what kind of picture it is - everything is allowed!)


2. Click on the picture and you will see a page like this one


3. In next step click now on "MORE" or "MEHR" and a dialogue window will occure


4. Here you select "Open original" like shown in above picture. You will see the picture the original picture (see below)


5. Copy the link as shown above and insert the link to the page on Lunatic-Erotic where you like to post the picture.


6. In the next step you mark the just added link


7. Now click on the Sybol called "Insert Picture" or "Bild einf├╝gen".


8. Now you link is in the correct format to be published as a picture.

9. It would be great to add some text as well. You can format the text in a way you would like to do it.

10. Click on the "send" Button ("abschicken") and your post is going to be published.

Congratulation! Your first post is now published on Lunatic-Erotic!

Re: Content upload from VK

BeitragVerfasst: 13. Juni 2017, 00:01
von alexa carmona
Yeah, that is right! If you are interested to become an active member on Lunatic Erotiv it is absolutely necassary to have an own account on!

Especially if you are a fan of the young side of life: if you like teens in the age of 10 to 14 you have to have cause this is the social network where you are able to find them.

Therefore I ask all users who love Lunatic-Erotic to use for postings.