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Вожделеющий и облажался : Кто любит общаться со мной так?

BeitragVerfasst: 29. November 2017, 09:36
von Виктория
Виктория, 35 лет. Познакомлюсь с мужчиной для общения на разные темы...возможно обмен фото

😊 👅 😘 😋 😊 👅 😘 😋 😊 👅 😘 😋



Что ты делаешь в таком виде?

Сообщу ...

Re: Вожделеющий и облажался : Кто любит общаться со мной так?

BeitragVerfasst: 4. Dezember 2017, 12:34
von teddys
I really want to get my little sister (almost 17) into trying out a black guy for her first anything, but am stuck and clueless becuase she's really shy, a bookworm, and all that fun stuff that would make this more of a challenge than it already is (she's a kissless virgin, but attractive, or at least pretty because she's very skinny). I've tried to convince her to grind on black guys when she askeed me how to dance at parties, but she chickened out and didn't dance at all when it happened and I doubt an opportunity like that will present itsself again until college. Is there anyway to get her curious about black guys without confronting her directly with my desires? At best I'd love for her to give her first blowjob to a black thug, and I mean a nigger. Not a black gentleman, but some gangster thug dude with a big dick that will use her mouth as a cumdump and then walk away, unless she calls him back to suck him off again or to bend her over her bed and break her in. As this is a whole board dedicated to giving black thugs all the pussy they can handle, I figured I should post this here to see if you guys know of any hands-off ways I can get her curious enough about BBC to, at the very least, grind on a BBC or start watching IR porn, and at most get her to suck a BBC's cock or ride one. I'd love to see it happen before college, but anything that would help the first dick to jizz on her face be a black one is welcomed with open arms.

Thanks guys, I appreciate the help and I'm sure the nigger who pumps his load into my little sister's mouth will too.